Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Venom Fuckn Rules

The Xmas period is not over yet, and so I found the perfect chance to post some festive Venom music on this old school metal blog.

Venom is essential; They have the super cult status of the legendary first three albums (Welcome to Hell, Black Metal and At War with Satan). They've inspired a whole fucking musical genre and even though they have nothing to do with BM musically, their Satanic image was unprecedented and definitely the spark for all Satanic BM and DM. I don't know many other bands that have are so widely accepted by everyone in the metal scene such as Venom. Especially bands that have had such a flaky presence after their first few good albums. Nevertheless, how many bands do you know that Kerry King wears t shirts of? They must be good, right? I'm totally on the bandwagon with this one: Venom is fucking cult, Venom rules. Last but not least, Venom also musically bridges the gap between metal and punk. So many others have done it, but Venoms metal punk sound is so trademark that I think volumes upon volumes should be written on it. A definite influence that has spread both sides and deserves maximum respect!

This song has perfect lyrics, the trademark Venom crunch and it's a  nice dark anti Xmas epic...

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