Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Venom Fuckn Rules

The Xmas period is not over yet, and so I found the perfect chance to post some festive Venom music on this old school metal blog.

Venom is essential; They have the super cult status of the legendary first three albums (Welcome to Hell, Black Metal and At War with Satan). They've inspired a whole fucking musical genre and even though they have nothing to do with BM musically, their Satanic image was unprecedented and definitely the spark for all Satanic BM and DM. I don't know many other bands that have are so widely accepted by everyone in the metal scene such as Venom. Especially bands that have had such a flaky presence after their first few good albums. Nevertheless, how many bands do you know that Kerry King wears t shirts of? They must be good, right? I'm totally on the bandwagon with this one: Venom is fucking cult, Venom rules. Last but not least, Venom also musically bridges the gap between metal and punk. So many others have done it, but Venoms metal punk sound is so trademark that I think volumes upon volumes should be written on it. A definite influence that has spread both sides and deserves maximum respect!

This song has perfect lyrics, the trademark Venom crunch and it's a  nice dark anti Xmas epic...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seminal Vampires

If you are into death metal then you already know Abcsess. This band captured my attention since their 7" ep with Machetazo (Spanish band and another great grind/death institution). There are two reasons why Abcsess rules in my book:

-They are the heaviest punk band on the planet
-A lot of their artowrk is really eye-catching, disgusting horror stuff

Therefore, Abcess is like the 101 band to be featured on this blog. The fact that (as your probably already know, once again) it's guys from Autopsy doing this band makes it even more thrilling and respectful. Obey!

I decided to post something from this 19996 album for no reason in particular other than the amazing cover art (all Abcess recordings have the same sick quality to them). I also really like the lyrics out of my way, gonna mow you down (observe the variety of ways Chris Reifert repeats this particular phrase!). Awesome. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Escupe la Cruz, baby

Fuck yeah. There come times when we all ask ourselves, what is considered "real" in music, and how underground can extreme music really get? In Europe, US etc we mostly play it safe and stay mid-underground while we're reproducing the same old tired cliched sounds. The answer for real extremity can be found in lesser known (for metal) countries, with South America being the at the top of regions for obscure, extreme shit. Metal, like chaos, hate, death etc is a universal axiom that feeds the frenzy of like minded people across the globe. I am just glad that there is also this kind of metal, for when we want to strip music from all its commercial, consumerist value and just enjoy the sheer brutality of it all.

So, here you have what I'm kind of talking about. Peruvian death metal with the awesome name Anal Vomit. Believe me, the sound is as fucked up as the name itself (if not more). These guys have been going since 1992 and have some 11 releases of demos, splits and full-lengths.

p.s. It's 2:14 am on a Thursday night and I am listening and blogging about this. What the hell is wrong with me please?

Friday, December 02, 2011

Alex Gray: Gaia, Visions, 9/11 & More

Alex Gray is a mysterious and charismatic person. He is a famous painter who has done all kinds of environmental-conscious and meditation induced, vision inspired art. His work is considered widely influential and extremely inspirational in matters of ecological awareness etc. Gray sees his paintings as more than art, since he connects them with the visions he has and believes that they also are connected with a wider understanding about the Earth and the world we live in. His work is a point of reference for the whole Third Eye type of intelligence, which is a common subject of research and fascination.

This is a rather interesting video in which he explains some of the ideas behind his paintings, including his famous painting of Gaia and its possible connection with the 9/11 catastrophe!?

How I found this video: I only discovered Alex Gray this week, while I was searching for some environmental-conscious art on the net. I found the Gaia painting and thought it was pretty cool, so I used it as a desktop on my computer. Then, today (3 or 4 days later), I was just listening to some obscure punk on youtube and the above video was on the suggestion list. I clicked on it because it seemed interesting and I not because I made the connection with the Gaia painting or Alex Gray whose name I had not even memorized. Interestingly enough, it is the same artist talking about that same painting. How weird!