Friday, December 02, 2011

Alex Gray: Gaia, Visions, 9/11 & More

Alex Gray is a mysterious and charismatic person. He is a famous painter who has done all kinds of environmental-conscious and meditation induced, vision inspired art. His work is considered widely influential and extremely inspirational in matters of ecological awareness etc. Gray sees his paintings as more than art, since he connects them with the visions he has and believes that they also are connected with a wider understanding about the Earth and the world we live in. His work is a point of reference for the whole Third Eye type of intelligence, which is a common subject of research and fascination.

This is a rather interesting video in which he explains some of the ideas behind his paintings, including his famous painting of Gaia and its possible connection with the 9/11 catastrophe!?

How I found this video: I only discovered Alex Gray this week, while I was searching for some environmental-conscious art on the net. I found the Gaia painting and thought it was pretty cool, so I used it as a desktop on my computer. Then, today (3 or 4 days later), I was just listening to some obscure punk on youtube and the above video was on the suggestion list. I clicked on it because it seemed interesting and I not because I made the connection with the Gaia painting or Alex Gray whose name I had not even memorized. Interestingly enough, it is the same artist talking about that same painting. How weird!

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