Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seminal Vampires

If you are into death metal then you already know Abcsess. This band captured my attention since their 7" ep with Machetazo (Spanish band and another great grind/death institution). There are two reasons why Abcsess rules in my book:

-They are the heaviest punk band on the planet
-A lot of their artowrk is really eye-catching, disgusting horror stuff

Therefore, Abcess is like the 101 band to be featured on this blog. The fact that (as your probably already know, once again) it's guys from Autopsy doing this band makes it even more thrilling and respectful. Obey!

I decided to post something from this 19996 album for no reason in particular other than the amazing cover art (all Abcess recordings have the same sick quality to them). I also really like the lyrics out of my way, gonna mow you down (observe the variety of ways Chris Reifert repeats this particular phrase!). Awesome. 

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