Friday, December 16, 2011

Escupe la Cruz, baby

Fuck yeah. There come times when we all ask ourselves, what is considered "real" in music, and how underground can extreme music really get? In Europe, US etc we mostly play it safe and stay mid-underground while we're reproducing the same old tired cliched sounds. The answer for real extremity can be found in lesser known (for metal) countries, with South America being the at the top of regions for obscure, extreme shit. Metal, like chaos, hate, death etc is a universal axiom that feeds the frenzy of like minded people across the globe. I am just glad that there is also this kind of metal, for when we want to strip music from all its commercial, consumerist value and just enjoy the sheer brutality of it all.

So, here you have what I'm kind of talking about. Peruvian death metal with the awesome name Anal Vomit. Believe me, the sound is as fucked up as the name itself (if not more). These guys have been going since 1992 and have some 11 releases of demos, splits and full-lengths.

p.s. It's 2:14 am on a Thursday night and I am listening and blogging about this. What the hell is wrong with me please?

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