Monday, January 28, 2013

Dowloading the Eternal Filth


I haven't been posting here much, but that does NOT mean that my obsession with the ridiculously extreme (metal, punk, horror, you-name-it) ever fades. It's just that I'm currently super busy and even though I have been tempted to delete this blog due to lack of frequent posts, I still want to keep it as my own personal library of cool and obscure things that I find along the way.

There are two blogs that I found recently and both have some amazing metal downloads (mainly if the super extreme blackened death/deathblack variety). These blogs produce an unending stream of underground metal filth that will please even the most demanding listener out there. Check those sites out and download some insane fucking metal!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Whipstriker - Midnight Crust

Whipstriker is a Brazilian band that plays ugly, crusty punk/metal that sounds like Venom jamming with Motorhead, but in a very cool way. The fact that this band comes up with genuinely hilarious record titles  is just another cool thing in the list.

Grow your hair, prowl the streets at night, and listen to this.

back from the dead (kinda)

OK so I decided to give this old blog a kick in the ass and revive it. It's all gonna be about weird shit, as it has been since the beginning. I also want to use this blog as my own personal library for good crust, punk and black metal (music and also artwork) that I find here and there. Fuck yeah. Vegan edge for satan, baby.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Tonight is Walpurgis Night, that once-a-year night during which the witches are out on the prowl, performing their unholy, forgotten rituals. The mirror cracks, and tonight the dead are easy to summon and eager to come back... And so the rest of us try to cast them off. That is, those of us who are not sleeping it away. Tonight is Walpurgis Night, so do your thing, you beastly ghoul!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I haven't been updating this blog much lately, which is a pity. Being so that I run a few other blogs, sometimes areas overlap and somehow I get mixed up and I don't know where to post what. It's crazy, but when you are a hyper active straight edge geek like me, things seem to turn out like that. It's like playing in a punk band and a hardcore band and then at some point you realise that they are playing the same thing... So yeah, most of the heavy music stuff I post can be found at I intend to keep this blog, however, to post every now and then about whatever topics are the flavor of the month for me, mainly stuff revolving black humor, creepy stuff, weird movies & art, black metal, doom metal and in general music that somehow din't make it to my other, more "professional" blog.

And this brings me to Thou, a really awesome sludge/doom band... This song shows their more psychedelic side, but Thou sure knows how to produce some mean sludge as well. Check em out!