Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hannya Mask & Hakuja "Dew of Blood"

Folk tales and images of the world have a way of creeping into our subconsious. They stay there and they will come back to haunt whenever the time is right. Fear is universal, and as psychologists find, there are images that people regard with fear and attraction no matter their ethnic and social background. We do have our universal, common, human subconscious fears, and the veil can be so easily pierced. But maybe those fears can help us look inside and find more about us and our futile human existence...

There is a place where Japan folklore meets that type of horror that is keen to us all. Things don't have to be overly artistic or profoundly scary in order to grab you and take you some place cold and dark.

I find that the picture can be best enjoyed with some Japanese BM, so why not go straight for the best of the best with Hakuja's romantic, punky, creepy & melodic take to BM?


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    Could you tell me where I may find this Hakura album?

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