Monday, October 31, 2011

AIWASS - "Last Human"

Underground death/black metal from Mexico!

This band poses a good theme to think about with their album title Before Satan After Satan...  I am sure there is some kind of philosophical aspect to it, maybe even some kind of a political statement. What would remain in our foolish culture with the lack of Satan/Evil/Fear? Maybe some kind of total freedom? Well, this is my own explanation anyway.

I like the fact that raw death and black metal has infiltrated the anarcho punk and crust scenes. For sure, a band like Aiwass is not the type of band that most BM fans would listen to, because it's too raw and underproduced (therefore, 'necro'!) This type of metal is enjoyed by all kinds of punks and crusties who want something heavier and darker or at least different compared to crustcore etc.