Monday, April 23, 2012


I haven't been updating this blog much lately, which is a pity. Being so that I run a few other blogs, sometimes areas overlap and somehow I get mixed up and I don't know where to post what. It's crazy, but when you are a hyper active straight edge geek like me, things seem to turn out like that. It's like playing in a punk band and a hardcore band and then at some point you realise that they are playing the same thing... So yeah, most of the heavy music stuff I post can be found at I intend to keep this blog, however, to post every now and then about whatever topics are the flavor of the month for me, mainly stuff revolving black humor, creepy stuff, weird movies & art, black metal, doom metal and in general music that somehow din't make it to my other, more "professional" blog.

And this brings me to Thou, a really awesome sludge/doom band... This song shows their more psychedelic side, but Thou sure knows how to produce some mean sludge as well. Check em out!

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